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Some of the things guests at Casa Teresina have said:

“It is difficult to list the ‘highlights’ as we have enjoyed everything so much. We have walked to Camaldoli, eaten at Il Cedro, swam at River Piper, visited Arezzo and Siena. We have still found time to sit on the terrace and read some of the excellent selection of books and play scrabble……. We take with us happy memories of a perfect holiday.”
“A truly tranquil place, against the backdrop of which we have spent a truly memorable family holiday.”
“We have loved staying in this cottage. The countryside is staggeringly beautiful. The village is ideal, and the villagers are so friendly.”
“The mountainous scenery is breathtaking.”
“We have had a wonderful time exploring this amazing unspoilt part of Italy.”
“The Tassinis have been very helpful and the restaurant (Il Cedro) is easily the best around.”
“Everything one might have hoped for in the Tuscan idyll; fine wine, food, scenery and company.”
“We’ve had a wonderful time. Adored house. Adored village. Adored Tuscany.”
“We enjoyed watching the deer, wild boar, foxes and bird life from the terrace.”
“Our first visit to Italy proved to be a wonderful experience; discovering Moggiona proved to be magical! The culture, local villagers, spectacular scenery, vino, Italian cuisine, vino, were indulged in over and over again.”
“Italy was better than all our expectations! Moggiona is a wonderful place – quiet, beautiful and the people are charming. Il Cedro and the pizzeria let us experience Italian food at its best. We would need a lifetime to explore all of Tuscany, but Poppi, Florence and Arezzo were good places to start.”